Wind Turbines on the farmHere at Kearsley farm we are very aware of the importance of “environmental sustainability” and “food security” as increasing populations keep adding pressure to our precious resources. We are constantly looking at ways of reducing our carbon emissions and improving the efficiency of our farm.

Recently we have installed 3 x 15kw wind turbines that provide all the farms energy, furthermore we produce additional green energy that feeds back into the national grid and provides electricity to local homes.We are trying to ensure that our farm is carbon neutral and are constantly looking for ways to improve.

Installation of our turbines

Wind Turbine installation Installation of wind turnbine Completed Wind Turbine


Growing our Replacement Pullets

The fact that we are able to rear our own replacement hens on site avoids the extra carbon burden of transport around the United Kingdom. For further details on our replacement pullets click here


Incorporation of Hen Muck into our operations

At Kearsley we incorporate all the hens muck back into the arable system.

This provides the crops with organic fertiliser that they need to flourish, this once again removes the need to buy in chemical fertilisers for the crops. By using hen much we can improve our sustainability and inturn reduce our carbon loading.