Rearing Our Own Chicks


One of the most exciting and rewarding experiences at Northumberland free range eggs, is the rearing of our gorgeous day old chicks!

The chicks are delivered to our custom built rearing house a few hours after hatching. We use a “whole house” brooding system, where all the chicks run around together in an environmentally controlled house, which ensures the perfect conditions for the growing chicks to thrive.

The chicks are hand fed for the first few weeks as they are too tiny for the automated feeding system which they eventually progress too.

Hen DeliveryAfter 16 weeks the chicks are transferred across the farm to the laying house (a process that only takes 30 minutes). Where they are reunited with one another to begin their new lives as free range layers, providing us with fresh eggs.

The convenience of simply moving the chicks a short distance across the farm ensures the minimum of stress to the young birds and this is reflected in their vigour and great physical condition.