Other Farm Activities

Kearsley is also home to a full livery and equestrian center, that we built in 2007. It is equipped with Monarch Stables and has it’s own indoor arena, gallops and training facilities.

Livery & Equestrian Centre

Bringing in the Harvest / Ploughing the land

The end of summer is a busy time on the farm, here you can see the team busy with bringing in the harvest.

Nature Reserve

In the year 2000 we developed a muddy and boggy 10 acres of land, which was fairly unproductive, into a nature reserve with a trout pond at it’s centre. Surrounding the pond is 10 acres of woodland and wetland. This is Kearsley’s hidden gem and home to a wide variety of species, from reed beds to natural English hardwoods, from King Fishers to wrens and a vast array of creepy crawly’s.