Freedom Foods Accredited

Freedom Foods Accreditation

Freedom Food is the RSPCA’s farm assurance and food labelling scheme. It is the only UK farm assurance scheme to focus solely on improving the welfare of farm animals reared for food.

Whether it is an egg-laying hen, a salmon, or a sheep (or for that matter, any other animal covered by the scheme), we believe that animals reared for food deserve a happy, healthy life. This means providing them with an environment that meets their needs – needs not confined to space, food and water but psychological needs too. So providing a stimulating environment that enables the animals to exhibit their natural behaviour is very important.

We also believe that any farm can rear animals to higher welfare standards as long as the will to do it is there.  Not just small, niche farms producing premium products but also larger farming businesses that supply a wider range of more affordable food.  As more of us look for food with higher welfare credentials, more farms are being encouraged to invest in farming this way. In fact you can already find Freedom Food labelled products in most of the major supermarkets, including  Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose, Boothes, The Co-Operative and Budgens.

The Freedom Food scheme covers every stage of a farm animal’s life, each stage governed by strict and compulsory RSPCA welfare standards. So not only do we inspect farms against the RSPCA welfare standards, but we also check the animals are handled, transported and slaughtered to the RSPCA’s standards too.

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