Freedom foods = RSPCA MonitoredWhen running a free range egg farm, it is important to ensure that the business has the appropraite accreditations. Within the egg industry there is no more important accreditation than the Lion.

Northumberland Eggs has held the Lion accreditation for 5years and has managed to maintain the important standards imposed by the organisation. By following the strict rules and regulations set out by the Lion, Northumberland free range eggs can guarantee to have the upmost quality within our products.

Further more Northumberland eggs has continued with it’s attention to detail and quality by achieving the Freedom Foods – RSPCA Monitoring accreditation. This shows that the hens at Kearsley Farm are in excellent conditions as stated by the RSPCA. Through the RSPCA Northumberland Eggs are continually audited ensuring that the animal welfare is upto the highest standards.

Here at Northumberland eggs we pride ourselves on these accreditation’s, making sure our animals have comfortable lives. By keeping hens in a low stress environment means that they produce eggs of the highest quality.

Please feel free to read further into the Lion Standard and the Freedom Foods on our website.Lion Quality