About Us

Kearsley Farm

We are a small family run business with 7 employees, based in the heart of Northumberland. We farm 200 acres of arable land but the focus of the business is our 40,000 free range hens, which we raise ourselves from day old chicks. By doing this we ensure a high quality of bird welfare throughout the hens lives.

Once in prooduction all the hens are free to roam on our pastures and in natural deciduous woodland. The woodland itself was planted by ourselves to improve the lives of our free range hens, the woodland environment allows the hens to exhibit thier natural behaviours as they are descended from jungle fowl in south east Asia. At present we have 10 acres of British woodland.

Our ethics can be summed up as;

Attention to detail providing high animal welfare.

High quality of service to our customers.

We achieve this by being in control of every aspect of the free range hens, from:

  • Raising the chicks in our custom built rearing unit.
  • Managing the laying hens, to “Lion Code Standards & RSPCA Freedom Food Standards”
  • Collecting, packing, and distributing our free range eggs.

As a company we are very conscious of keeping “food miles” to a minimum and promoting ”local food”, we have found that given the opportunity the people of the north east are keen to buy locally and in particular buy Northumberland eggs.

Sustainable Farming

To further bolster our green credentials we have installed 3 x 15kw wind turbins which provide all our energy needs for the entire farm and even provide an excess to the be used on the national grid. Thus providing our customers with some of the lowest carbon foods around.

High Standards

Both the farm and packing center are accredited with both the RSPCA adminstered “Freedom Foods” scheme and the “Lion Code“.

Our packaging is of the highest quality and our distinctive blue boxes exhibit the landscape of Northumberland. Shown in the art work is the remains of Hardrians Wall which is a heritage site. Also displayed on the egg boxes is further details of the benefits of sourcing locally to provide our consumers with the information on why to buy our products.

We look forward to supplying eggs for years to come and will continue to supply our excellent products to the North East of England

Thank you,

Ian Howson